I purchased a "brush less" vehicle wash product from your competitor, however it leaves a film and does not leave a bright finish, why is that?

With us not knowing what product you purchased it’s difficult to answer.  Are you following the dilution instructions?  Did the rep ask you anything about the condition of your water?  Is it drying on the surface?  We provide complete instruction on proper use of our products.  We demonstrate our products if you are in our service area.  We are able to test your water if we come to your facility.  

Does City Limits have products available to safely clean polished aluminum?

Cleaning polished aluminum…with a “brush less detergent” is a tough request!  The customer expects to break the road film bond using no agitation.  We have several products we can suggest to accomplish this.  We offer acids and alkaline.  Let us know how we can help!

Do I need to use hot water with your products?

Not necessarily!  When heavy grease, oil, tar, asphalt is present, we recommend hot water pressure wash those areas before the actual wash.  Depending on soil load, many times very little detergent may be needed.  Our wash system will remove the remnants  during the wash process with warm/cold water which is much better for your painted surfaces.  

Will I save time using your wash system?

YES!!! Huge time savings will be produced.  When we analyze a company’s wash requirements , time and labor costs are one of the factors taken into consideration.  In most cases, we can double or even triple wash production and end up with better results!

Are your products expensive?

We will be happy to compare what you are currently purchasing versus the product recommend.  We believe that after you consider performance and time savings you will be a happy customer! Remember, soap is always lesser expensive than labor. 

We are a municipality that runs about a dozen salt spreader trucks. After a salting event, we are asked to wash the equipment as quickly as possible, The material we use is extremely corrosive to the equipment. We use a detergent now but when the equipment dries a salt film is still visible. Your suggestion?

We have many municipalities, landscapers, property management washing as often as yourself.  It is mandatory to kill and remove the road salt.  We have had customers who have lost wiring harnesses, oil pans, frames etc.  Many of our products will effectively neutralize and remove road salt.  Care should be used when washing to thoroughly cover all areas of the equipment.  For your undercarriage wash, consider one of our belly blasters.  Talk to a City Limits representative. 

I wash my farm equipment, and when it dries water spots are left. We have to pull out the rags and glass cleaner and rewash the equipment. The product I am using seems non effective.

We are assuming that you are running off a well.  We have tested water in some parts of the county that are over 40 grain hard, you could almost break your teeth drinking it.   A water softening system should be considered.  Not only will your trucks and equipment clean up better, you will use less detergent.  It is much better for your pressure washer and many other water requirements.  Several of our products have built in water softening additives which will help you achieve a better wash and far less spotting!   Check your regions water hardness.

We operate a refrigerated fleet with polished wheels and fuel tanks. Our big problem is bugs smashed on the fronts, mirrors, chrome bumpers, fairings! They really get loaded up on these trucks and we have tried all kinds of products to get past this problem. Many of the products we have tried stain the polished aluminum. What would you recommend to take care of this problem?

Strongly recommend our product Prep Step Xtreme! Cover the bugs with this and wash them right off, it will remove the splatter marks.  Safe for polished aluminum, painted surfaces, chrome, glass.  In fact it is one of our “green products”.  It will remove diesel fuel on tanks, spray it on tires to turn them black.  Try it on stubborn stains on painted surfaces.  Also a good interior cleaner.