About Us

The roots of City Limits started back many years ago.  The owner was first exposed to pressure washers while working for a janitorial supply company in a suburb of Chicago.  He was hired as a driver and warehouse staff member. After awhile he developed a growing interest in the pressure washer division of the company which included repairs, assembly and testing the equipment before delivery.   One day the owner of the janitorial supply asked if he had an interest in purchasing the pressure washer division.  After moving forward with the acquisition, sales of equipment increased.  He recognized that after the sale of the equipment the only business transacted was the occasional service call or parts need. Detergent became the next interest.    He realized that the customers seemed to buy the same types of products; they thought as long as it made bubbles they did not expect much more but most of the cleaning was still being done manually and the pressure washer was just a strong rinse. 

Bottom line…people were wasting their money!

We set out to offer a line of detergents that cleaned using the pressure washer instead of scrubbing, brushing, or manual labor. 

City Limits Systems offers a quality line of cleaning products.  We field test our products before wasting our customers time and money with non performing detergents.  

With over 75 years of combined product knowledge and experience, we are in a strong position to help you solve your cleaning challenges. 

Give us a try, you will be glad you did! 

“Nobody takes it off like City Limits”